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Are you looking for quality, research-based professional development for your adult education agency?

Adult Basic Skills Professional Development (ABSPD) is now available to partner with your organization to provide professional development services for college and career readiness (adult basic skills) programs.  ABSPD has 30 years of experience developing and delivering professional development for adult educators.  We offer a range of professional development options including scalable face-to-face, hybrid and fully online professional development.

ABSPD provides face-to-face workshop experiences grounded in evidence and delivered in hands-on activity-based formats.  Our instructors model research based instructional techniques and participants are given numerous opportunities to learn, reflect on and practice these skills.   

Our hybrid courses combine the best of face-to-face and online instruction.  These courses start with a face-to-face experience where participants build community, engage content and learn how to use the online learning management system.  Participants then learn online for a number of weeks with instructor facilitated course content that features numerous videos and opportunities for learner interaction.  The course concludes with a capstone project detailing how students applied their learning.

We can also develop fully online learning experiences that meet best practice professional development principles by being sustained over time.  These courses are instructor facilitated and help participants learn best practice adult education teaching and learning concepts.  

Possible professional development experiences include but are not limited to:

 - High School Equivalency (HSE) Preparation (GED/HiSET/TASC)   - Argument Based Writing                             
 - New Adult Educator Training   - Teaching with Content Standards
 - Evidence Based Reading/Math/Writing   - The Active Learning Classroom     
 - Contextualized Instruction    - Managing the Multi-Level Classroom
 - Digital Literacy    - Creating Powerful Presentations
 - Technology Tools to Enhance Instruction    - Teaching Students with Learning Differences (LD)
 - Google Suite (Docs/Slides/Sheets/Sites/Forms)    - Integrating Soft Skills in Instruction 
 - Perseverance: Keeping Your Students in Class   - Developing Adult Students’ Growth Mindset
 - Lesson Planning for Busy Instructors    - Teaching Math through Financial Literacy
 - Teaching Cross Disciplinary Thematic Units    - Informal Assessment Strategies 
 - Understanding the Adult Learner   


Please contact ABSPD so we can discuss how to meet your professional development needs.  


What Participants Are Saying

When asked to describe the effects a recent hybrid course had on their students, participants said:

        - "My students' attendance has increased. My students' scores have increased on post-tests. My students are more engaged in their learning."

        - "[Students] are coming to class!  Attendance is good. They are studying at home! . . . Many of the students are sharing lesson info with their families and getting help from family members with studying vocab words and reading. Students are having fun in class."

Other participants said:

        - "I was weak with my technology skills prior to this course.  But, I created a video that shows what I learned over the past two months.  I've been teaching math for years, but I now know more about how to get my students more involved with a student centered approach."

        - "You can teach an old dog new tricks!"