About Us

Adult Basic Skills Professional Development is committed to enhancing the quality of College and Career Readiness (adult basic skills) instruction in North Carolina and across the nation through building the capacity of College and Career Readiness providers.  

Our mission is to provide relevant, timely, accessible and effective professional development for adult basic skills educators. To achieve this goal, the ABSPD team is dedicated to conducting face to face training, providing hybrid and fully online professional development, and producing professional development materials for education providers across the nation.

Through these efforts, ABSPD provides a professional development structure upon which all  programs may successfully build. Over the past 30 years, ABSPD has positively impacted thousands of adult education professionals. We look forward to continuing to assist adult educators in meeting their professional development needs for years to come.

Faculty and Staff

Name Phone Office
Dianne Barber 828-262-2384 328B Edwin Duncan
Matthew Brown 828-262-2263 328D Edwin Duncan
Brandy Brown 336.402.0005 328D Edwin Duncan
Steve Schmidt 828-262-2262 328C Edwin Duncan