Fluency Text Lending Library

The following classroom sets of fluency texts are available for North Carolina college and career readiness programs to borrow for a semester. (Limit two sets per instructor per semester.) Please email your request to borrow books to Dianne Barber at barberdb@appstate.edu.

When finished, programs are responsible for the postage cost of returning the books. Books should be returned to the following address:

Adult Basic Skills Professional Development
328E Edwin Duncan Hall
730 Rivers Street
ASU Box 32169
Boone, NC 28608-2169

Title Author Copies Brief Description Reading Level
City Stories: A Book for Adult Beginning Readers Larissa Phillips This book has 24 individual narratives on four levels of increasing difficulty. The stories present familiar situations, including parenting, jobs, education, immigration, ambitions, and dreams. Readers will find repeated opportunity for decoding practice and will also be exposed to new vocabulary words and idiomatic expressions. This book is appropriate for use in ESOL programs. Accompanying worksheets for further study are available as free downloads at the Townsend Press website. 2
Spider Bites, The Medora Sale After being accused of taking a bribe, detective Rick Montoya sets out to clear his name. 2
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Mark Twain 12 When Huck Finn and Jim run away from "civilized" life, they end up in some of the wildest adventures-as dark and deep and unpredictable as the Mississippi River itself. Names change, truths become lies, and people aren't who they seem to be. Huck must finally face his biggest decision - follow the rules or follow his heart. 3
Boxcar Children Book # 1, The Gertrude Chandler Warner 5 One warm night four children stood in front of a bakery. No one knew them. No one knew where they had come from. 3
Caboose Mystery: The Boxcar Children Book # 11 Gertrude Chandler Warner 5 The Aldens take a train journey. Caboose Number 777 has a secret, and they discover clues about its past at every stop. 3
Houseboat Mystery: The Boxcar Children Book # 12 Gertrude Chandler Warner 5 Two mysterious strangers want something that's hidden on the Aldens' houseboat, and they'll stop at nothing to get it! 3
Lighthouse Mystery: The Boxcar Children Book # 8 Gertrude Chandler Warner 5 The Aldens stay in an old lighthouse for the summer! But who is the mysterious stranger who appears on the beach late at night? 3
Mike's Mystery: The Boxcar Children Book # 5 Gertrude Chandler Warner 6 The Alden children are visiting Aunt Jane when a nearby house burns down. Their friend Mike is blamed for starting the fire. Can the Aldens help find the real criminal? 3
Mystery Ranch: The Boxcar Children Book # 4 Gertrude Chandler Warner 6 The Aldens visit their mysterious Aunt Jane at her run-down ranch and make a surprising discovery! 3
Schoolhouse Mystery: The Boxcar Children Book # 10 Gertrude Chandler Warner 5 The Aldens visit a tiny fishing village with lots of secrets. The children can't shake the feeling that someone is spying on them! But why? 3
Secret Garden, The Frances Hodgson Burnett 12 Mary Lennox, a sickly orphan, finds herself in her uncle's gloomy, secretive manor house. Why are so many rooms locked? Why is one of the gardens locked, and what is that crying she hears at night? Through the power of hope, friendship, and the magic of nature, Mary brings the house and a long-lost garden back to life. 3
Something Noble William Kowalski 4 In order to save her son's life, a single mom must try to convince a selfish drug dealer to donate one of his kidneys to his half brother. (8 COPIES NOT RETURNED) 3
Surprise Island: The Boxcar Children Book # 2 Gertrude Chandler Warner 6 The Aldens spend the summer on their own private island. There they meet a new friend with an amazing secret! 3
Way It Works, The William Kowalski 12 Walter Davis is homeless after medical expenses left him destitute. Can his drive to succeed bring him back from despair? 3
White Fang Jack London 13 Up in the frozen north, life is harsh and dangerous. But this is where White Fang, the wolf-dog, feels at home - in the wild. When White Fang lives among man, he must learn to fend for himself. And when he finds himself with a man who is kind to him, he must learn to love. 3
Who Is Michelle Obama? Megan Stine 10 This book describes the life of Michelle Obama, a Harvard-trained lawyer who became the first African American First Lady of the United States 3
Who Is Steven Spielberg? Stephanie Spinner A boy who was happiest with a camera in his hand becomes the mam who made a shark a movie star. This story details the life of one of the most successful film directors of all time. 3
Who Was Frida Kahlo? Sarah Fabiny 1 This story chronicles the life of the famous Mexican artist. 3
Who Was Laura Ingalls Wilder? Patricia Brennan Demuth This book chronicles the life of the girl who grew up on the frontier and later created the world famous Little House on the Prairie books. 3
Who Was Milton Hershey? James Buckley, Jr. 12 This book chronicles the life of a boy who left school after fourth grade and went on to create the world's biggest chocolate company. 3
Who Was Nelson Mandela? Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso A boy whose African name means "tree shaker" became a man who shook the world. This book details the life of the first black president of South Africa who survived a 27 year prison sentence and spent a lifetime battling injustice. 3
Woodshed Mystery, The: The Boxcar Children Book # 7 Gertrude Chandler Warner 6 The old farm where Grandfather grew up is full of stories. The Aldens must find out the truth about a devastating fire and a secret dating back to the Revolutionary War! 3
Yellow House Mystery, The: The Boxcar Children Book # 3 Gertrude Chandler Warner 6 Years ago, a man vanished from the yellow house on Surprise Island. Why? The Aldens have found a clue to the mystery! 3
Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Mark Twain 12 Tom Sawyer is a boy who always gets in trouble but wriggles out again. He's the all-American kid-part pirate, part hero, part treasure seeker, part prankster-and all boy. But the fun turns to fright when Tom and his buddy, Huck Finn, witness a midnight murder-and swear to a secret that may be too hard for any boy to keep. 4
Blue Bay Mystery: The Boxcar Children Book # 6 Gertrude Chandler Warner 6 The Aldens are excited to visit a deserted South Seas island. But soon they discover clues that they are not alone. Is someone on the island watching them? 4