Fluency Text Lending Library

The following classroom sets of fluency texts are available for North Carolina college and career readiness programs to borrow for a semester. (Limit two sets per instructor per semester.) Please email your request to borrow books to Dianne Barber at barberdb@appstate.edu.

When finished, programs are responsible for the postage cost of returning the books. Books should be returned to the following address:

Adult Basic Skills Professional Development
328E Edwin Duncan Hall
730 Rivers Street
ASU Box 32169
Boone, NC 28608-2169

Title Author Copies Brief Description Reading Level
Brothers in Arms Paul Langan & Ben Alirez 13 Part of the Bluford series, Martin wants revenge for his brother’s death. Will he allow his anger to control him? 6
Bull Run Paul Fleischman 11 This fictional account of the Battle of Bull Run is told from the point of view of 16 different people including an 11 year old Georgia farm boy, a light skinned African American who passes for white, and General Irvin McDowell. The book can be read as a novel or performed as a readers' theater. 6
Children of the River Linda Crew 6 Story of a girl that fled from Cambodia to America. She is torn between her new life and her heritage. 6
Deadliest War, The Mark Thomas 10 The story of World War II. 6
Dream Fulfilled, A Tanya Savory 8 The story of Barack Obama. 6
Facing Addiction: Three True Stories Beth Johnson 12 These true stories describe three people’s descent into addiction and their struggles to recover. 6
Great Expectations Charles Dickens 11 Pip, a young orphan boy, is preparing to become a blacksmith in rural England, when a lawyer informs him that he is to be treated like a gentlemen because he has "great expectations." What does this mean? Will Pip's prospects bring him happiness or misery? 6
Guadalupe Quintanilla: My History Guadalupe Quintanilla and Beth Johnson 5 This story details Guadalupe’s journey from the United States to Mexico and how she helped her children, labeled as stupid, succeed in school. 6
Harriet Tubman: Freedom Leader Tanya Savory 11 Tells the story of Harriet Tubman, a famous conductor on the Underground Railroad who led slaves to freedom. 6
Helen Keller: From Darkness to Light Tonya Savory 39 When Helen Keller was just a year and a half old, a terrible illness destroyed both her hearing and her sight. Suddenly plunged into a dark, silent world, Helen could not learn or communicate with others. However, thanks to an amazing teacher, Helen found her way out of that phantom life. Filled with a spirit that was brilliant, warm, unafraid and even rebellious, Helen Keller brought a special kind of light to our world. 6
How Angel Peterson Got His Name Gary Paulsen Adventure stories of a boy growing up including how he went down a waterfall in a barrel and how he broke a world ski record. 6
It Couldn’t Happen To Me: Three True Stories of Teenage Moms Beth Johnson 9 Three true stories of teenage moms. 6
Jackie Robinson: An American Hero Anne Schraff 10 Story of Jackie Robinson and his courageous struggle breaking the Major League Baseball color barrier. 6
John F Kennedy Tanya Savory 12 Though he came from a privileged childhood, John Kennedy battled sickness, the death of close family, and pain throughout his life. These struggles shaped the man and President he became. 6
La Vida Real: True Stories of Latino Students Today Tanya Savory 220 Details the inspiring, touching, and sometimes difficult experiences of some Latino students living in and growing up in, or moving to, the United States. 6
Lad: A Dog Albert Payson Terhune 13 This heroic collie never hesitates to protect others from danger—a raging bull, a poisonous snake, freezing waters, scorching flames, and greedy burglars that will stop at nothing to get what they want. 6
Learning to Live: A Black Woman’s Journey Beyond Foster Care Theresa Cameron 13 After leaving foster care, Theresa struggles to find her way through the maze of adult life, from college and employment to friendship and romance. 6
Making the Most of Your Life Multiple authors 28 How do some people accomplish so much with their lives? Is it that they’re just lucky? Or amazingly smart? Or is it that they are ordinary people who have learned to motivate themselves, even when the going gets tough? 6
Mark of Zorro, The Johnston McCulley 10 In California in early 1800s a corrupt governor and his army abuse the helpless and cheat the poor. This mysterious, masked rider uses his sword and whip to stand up to the forces of evil that stalk the countryside. 6
Martin Luther King Jr.: Warrior for Peace Tanya Savory 15 The story of the life, challenges, and triumphs of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 6
Princess of Mars, A Edgar Rice Burroughs Can an earthling transported to Mars save a captive princess from a terrible death and find true love in process? The movie John Carter is based on this book. 6
Rebounding Kate Fagan 11 Max makes a life changing decision about whether to stick with basketball or begin a life on the streets. 6
Roberto Clemente: The Story of a Champion Jon Volkmer 10 His passion for baseball took him from the sugar cane fields of Puerto Rico to 2 World Series championships with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Baseball's first Latino superstar, fought prejudice, helped the poor and sick, dreamed of helping Puerto Rican youth overcome drugs and gangs. He died in a plane taking supplies to victims of an earthquake. 6
Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe 6 As the sole survivor of a tragic shipwreck, Crusoe ends up a lonely castaway on a deserted island. After years of praying for human company, his prayers are answered—by the arrival of a group of cannibals. 6
Scarlet Letter, The Nathaniel Hawthorne 10 In 1640 Hester Prynne is a young widow living in the Puritan settlement of Boston. Who is the father of her child? Was Hester's husband really lost at sea? The line between real and imaginary blurs as the dark tale of hidden sin reveals the price that the human heart must pay for secret shame and guilt. 6