Institute 2013: Accelerating Learning in Mathematics


Sun, 05/19/2013 - Fri, 05/24/2013
Sun, 05/26/2013 - Fri, 05/31/2013

Institute 2013 provided professional development using evidence-based research for mathematics instruction for adult learners. Topics included helping students overcome math anxiety, fostering collaboration and communication in the classroom, using content standards as a guide to plan contextualized instruction for adult learners including those with learning disabilities.

Institute 2013 Presentations

Overcoming Math Anxiety - Mary Ferrell

Real World Math - Mary Ferrell

Math in the Real World (pdf) - Mary Ferrell

Around the Track: Concrete to Abstract and Back - Jeff Goodman

Human Wonder Research: Attending to Attention and Understanding Understanding - Jeff Goodman

Balloon Bust (pdf)

Making the Most of Institute - Steve Schmidt (PowerPoint)

Cracking the Common Core Without Cracking Up - Steve Schmidt (PowerPoint)

Toothpick Houses (pdf)

Guess My Rule (pdf)

Polya Problem Solving Method (pdf)

GED 2014 - Steve Schmidt (PowerPoint)

GED 2014 Formula Page

Are You Ready for GED 2014? (pdf)

What Our Students Need Now - Gerald Parker (pdf)

The "Big 5" Math Instructional Guide (pdf)


Other Institute 2013 Documents

Institute 2013 Graduate Course Description (pdf)

Institute 2013 Participant List (Excel)

Institute 2013 Week 1 Agenda (pdf)

Institute 2013 Week 1 Photo Directory (pdf)

Institute 2013 Week 2 Agenda (pdf)

Institute 2013 Week 2 Photo Directory (pdf)

Institute 2013 Homework Memo (pdf)

Institute 2013 Homework Packet (pdf)

Institute 2013 Math College and Career Readiness Standards (pdf)

Institute 2013 Objectives (pdf)

Participants may attend Institute as a workshop or take it as a 3 credit hours graduate or undergraduate level course:

  • In-State Workshop Participant - $355.00
  • In-State Graduate Credit – $567.13
  • In-State Undergraduate Credit – $468.13
  • Out-of-State Workshop Participant - $555.00
  • Out-of-State Graduate Credit – $1,464.13
  • Out-of-State Undergraduate Credit – $1,308.13

Please select one option. If you are taking Institute as a graduate level course, additional forms need to be filled out.

Housing and Meals:

  • Campus housing plus 14 meals, 2 per apt. (private bedroom/bathroom) – $359.00
  • Campus housing plus 14 meals, 1 per apartment – $526.50
  • Day student plus 14 meals, no housing – $180.00

All participants must select one of the options above