Institute 2013: Accelerating Learning in Mathematics


Sun, 05/19/2013 - Fri, 05/24/2013
Sun, 05/26/2013 - Fri, 05/31/2013

Institute 2013 provided professional development using evidence-based research for mathematics instruction for adult learners. Topics included helping students overcome math anxiety, fostering collaboration and communication in the classroom, using content standards as a guide to plan contextualized instruction for adult learners including those with learning disabilities.

Institute 2013 Presentations

Overcoming Math Anxiety - Mary Ferrell

Real World Math - Mary Ferrell

Math in the Real World (pdf) - Mary Ferrell

Around the Track: Concrete to Abstract and Back - Jeff Goodman

Human Wonder Research: Attending to Attention and Understanding Understanding - Jeff Goodman

Balloon Bust (pdf)

Cracking the Common Core Without Cracking Up - Steve Schmidt (PowerPoint)

Toothpick Houses (pdf)

Guess My Rule (pdf)

Polya Problem Solving Method (pdf)

GED 2014 - Steve Schmidt (PowerPoint)

GED 2014 Formula Page

Are You Ready for GED 2014? (pdf)

What Our Students Need Now - Gerald Parker (pdf)

The "Big 5" Math Instructional Guide (pdf)


Other Institute 2013 Documents

Institute 2013 Graduate Course Description (pdf)

Institute 2013 Participant List (Excel)

Institute 2013 Week 1 Agenda (pdf)

Institute 2013 Week 2 Agenda (pdf)

Institute 2013 Homework Memo (pdf)

Institute 2013 Homework Packet (pdf)

Institute 2013 Math College and Career Readiness Standards (pdf)

Institute 2013 Objectives (pdf)


Housing and Meals:

  • Campus housing plus 14 meals, 2 per apt. (private bedroom/bathroom) – $359.00
  • Campus housing plus 14 meals, 1 per apartment – $526.50
  • Day student plus 14 meals, no housing – $180.00

All participants must select one of the options above