Institute 2018: What Works: Teaching Adults with Learning Differences and Unique Learning Needs


Tue, 05/22/2018 - Fri, 05/25/2018
Tue, 05/29/2018 - Fri, 06/01/2018

Children with learning disabilities/differences (LD) do not simply outgrow them. They become adults with LD, and many of them participate in adult education programs. This course is designed to help instructors working with adult learners to learn successful strategies for working with students with learning differences and unique learning needs. Topics will include: (1) Understanding Learning Disabilities, Differences, and Special Learning Needs; (2) Legal Rights, Responsibilities, and Self-Advocacy; (3) Teaching and Learning Styles; (4) Successful Instructional Strategies; (5) Student Motivation and Retention; (6) Understanding Accommodations; and (7) Assistive Technology. A major focus will be on contextualized and integrated technology instruction that meets WIOA criteria. Students enrolled in this course are required to research, write, and submit a plan for instructional improvement at their home program. A report on the implementation of their plan is required.  CLICK HERE to find a list of hotels that take the state rate. 

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Institute Presentations

Adult Management Survey - Katherine Barratt

The Adult Learner - Katherine Barratt

Assistive Technologies Padlet - Matthew and Brandy Brown

Building a Classroom Website - Matthew and Brandy Brown 

FAT City

Davidson CC's Google Site on LD

Best of Boone - Mary Ferrell

Mindful Teaching/Mindful Learning - Mary Ferrell

Skype in the classroom - Mary Ferrell

Smartboard Fun - Mary Ferrell

Activity Builder - Mary Ferrell

All About Smartboards - Mary Ferrell

Jeff Goodman's Presentations - Jeff Goodman

Learner Difference to Learner Directed (Week 2) - Anita Green

Found Poem Assignment (Week 2) - Anita Green 

Byte Sized Learning (Week 2) - Wendi Iacobello

Neurodiversity - Kate Keaveny 

Who Are We/What Our Students Need Now - Dr. Gerald Parker

Current Role/Desired Outcome - Dr. Gerald Parker 

Getting to Know Each Other - Dr. Gerald Parker

Characteristics of LD Circles - Dr. Gerald Parker

LD Strategies Reading - Steve Schmidt

LD Strategies Writing - Steve Schmidt

LD Strategies Math - Steve Schmidt

Reading Scholar - Laurie Weston

WIOA 13 Considerations Poster - Laurie Weston 

Wicked WIOA - Laurie Weston

WIOA Fun - Laurie Weston

Google Classroom (Week 1) - Rebecca Whitman 

Week 1 Slideshow Video

Week 2 Slideshow Video