2018-19 PD Calendar Announced for NCCCS Workshops!

ABSPD and the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) are proud to announce that the training calendar for the 2018-19 professional development year has been posted and you can find it HERE. Here are some highlights for our offerings this year:

All seven face-to-face CORE courses are offered once in each of the three new professional development regions (west, east, central). If a face-to-face course is offered in your region, we strongly recommend you take it. Per NCCCS's new policy, one must have already taken at least three face to face CORE classes in order to register for a face-to-face CORE class. If you have taken two or less face-to-face CORE classes, you should take the Hybrid Core course.

Three more Hybrid Core courses will be offered: one in Greenville in September, one in Burlington in December, and one in Raleigh in February. CLICK HERE to find out more information about the Hybrid Core.

All ASE Science and Social Studies face-to-face courses will be offered once total this year. If you need an ASE Science or Social Studies class to finish your ASE General of ASE Language Arts/Social Studies or Math/Science credential, we very strongly recommend you take it!

We will offer two rounds of Hybrid ASE Language Arts and Math courses. One will be in Burlington and start in August, and one will be in February in Greenville.

We will also offer an opportunity for those who started their ASE Language Arts or Math credentials face to face and have one or two classes to finish to do this online. Further details will follow. We will contact eligible participants by email soon.

Two rounds of STAR will be held. One will be in Raleigh starting in August and one will be in Greenville starting in February.

All seven ESOL courses will be offered once face to face this year.

We look forward to seeing you on the road or online at a professional development event later this year!