New Vocabulary Lessons

ABSPD is pleased to announce that we have placed 9 more Tier 2 vocabulary lessons on our website!  This brings our total number of lessons to 38.  Evidence based reading instructors across North Carolina have been using these lessons with their students. One instructor recently told us, "The vocab lessons on the ABSPD site are wonderful!"

Used as part of an evidence based reading class, teaching Tier 2 vocabulary words really makes a difference with students as they quickly begin using the new words.  Tier 2 words are important to learn since they cut across many subject areas.  Increasing their vocabulary allows intermediate level students to improve their reading skills as they can devote more effort to comprehension and fluency.  Instructors of English language learners have also commented that their students love these lessons. 

ABPSD has accepted lesson submissions from instructors across the state as well as developed new lessons during STAR trainings.  Keep a close watch on our website as we will soon announce the schedule for STAR training for 2013-14!