Training Calendar Posted!

The 2014-15 North Carolina College and Career Readiness professional development calendar is posted here.  ABSPD conducts four of the seven face to face workshops offered in the Core Credential and all the workshops in the Adult Secondary Education Specialty Certificates.  Workshops are available in all regions across North Carolina.  

In the Core Credential, ABSPD conducts Evidence Based Math, Evidence Based Reading, Evidence Based Writing, and Applying Content Standards: GPS for Success.  The core credential provides basic professional development for College and Career Readiness instructors and is described in detail at this link.   

The Adult Education Specialty Certificate is designed for instructors teaching high school equivalency (GED, TASC, HiSET) and Adult High School Diploma students in grade equivalents 9 to 12.9.  ABSPD will offer new Adult Secondary courses in 2014-15 including MA 2: Algebraic Equations and Inequalities; LA 1: Production and Distribution of Writing; LA 3: Understanding and Analyzing Literature; SC 2: Genetics, Molecular Biology, & Evolution; SS 1: US History; and SS 4: World History & Geography.  The Adult Secondary Education credential is described here.   

Finally, two sections of Student Achievement in Reading (STAR) will be held this year.  STAR is designed for instructors of struggling intermediate level readers in grade equivalents 4 to 8.9. 

We look forward to seeing you at a workshop soon!