ABE Math Resources

ABE Math Resources

This page contains math resources for students from grade equivalents 0 to 8.9. 

EBMI Workshop Packet (Schmidt)

UPS Check Method

College Textbooks

Measurement Scavenger Hunt

How Close to 100

EBMI Workshop Notes Packet (Barber)

Acing Math (One Deck at a Time)


NumbersThe Numeracy Training Manual contains a wealth of resources for teaching math from basic skills to algebra and geometry.  Among the 17 chapters, there is information on defeating math anxiety, implementing project-based learning, and teaching with real life materials.  There are also many classroom ready lesson plans to use with your students.  The manual is available for download here: Numeracy Training Manual [PDF]


Garden tableTeaching Math in Context presents real world math in culinary arts, health care, and horticulture.  Students will love learning math in contextualized ways they can experience. There are 38 classroom ready lesson plans as well as important teaching suggestions.  The manual is available for download here: Teaching Math in Context [PDF]


Key to SuccessKeys to Success in Math is designed with the adult learner in mind.  This manual helps students develop a positive attitude, learn logical thinking, and conquer math anxiety.  There are also chapters on math study skills and test taking.  The manual is available for download here: Keys to Success in Math [PDF]