Social Studies Content for GED, HiSET, TASC Test Preparation

This page contains resources to help students achieve success on their social studies high school equivalency exams.  

HSI: Historical Scene Investigations

Since many high school equivalency tests ask our students to read like an historian and decipher primary source documents, using resources like HSI: Historical Scene Investigations can assist our students in developing their social studies analysis skills.  The HSI site has 13 investigations including the Jamestown Starving Time, the Constitutional Controversy and Dropping the Atomic Bomb.   

Click HERE to find the website for HSI: Historical Scene Investigations.


HSE Splendid Social Studies!

 Click HERE to find the handout from a workshop primarily focused on preparing students to take the GED Social Studies test.


GED Social Studies Key Topics

Geography Resources 


GED Social Studies Solutions


GED Social Studies Spectacular!

GED 2014 Social Studies Safari