Online Professional Development

Over the past few years, ABSPD has developed online courses for adult basic skills professionals.  These courses are free but require registration in order to use.  Please click on the course titles below for specific login instructions.

Be Prepared!

Be Prepared LogoPacked with interviews from college instructors and other experts, Be Prepared! helps adult basic skills students prepare for their college experience.  It answers questions such as why students should consider college, how college is different from high school, and how to prepare for the college placement test.  An additional instructor focused section gives adult basic skills professionals the information they need to better assist their students in getting ready for life beyond basic skills. 


Contextualized Instruction

Contextualized LogoThis course gives an overview of what contextualized instruction is and showcases best teaching practices from across the state.  It explains how to deliver more contextualized lessons and the benefits teaching contextually offers.  Never hear, "When are we ever going to use this?" again as you teach using the principles of relate, experience, apply, cooperate, and transfer.  The course takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete.


Media Literacy

Media LiteracyDid you know the average person spends 11.8 hours per day receiving information from media?    From smart phones to computers to movies to TV, we are bombarded by media during most of our waking hours.  How do we help our students, especially our continuously plugged in younger ones, make sense of their media experiences?  This course will help by giving students the tools they need to critically examine media.


NC Transitions

NC Transitions LogoNC Transitions will assist your program in gaining ideas to help students move from basic skills to continuing education and curriculum programs.  It showcases successful transition programs in place at six North Carolina Community Colleges involved in the Breaking Through initiative.  The six schools represent small, medium, and large programs whose transition strategies can be adapted to fit your program. 


Teaching the Holocaust

Holocaust LogoHave you wanted to teach the Holocaust but were overwhelmed by the amount of information available?  Teaching the Holocaust outlines what to teach and which resources to use for understanding this important chapter in world history.  The course gives guidance on the best books, videos, and web resources that are most effective in meeting our learners' needs.


Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

LD LogoExperts estimate that more than half the students in adult basic skills programs have some type of Learning Difference (LD).  Katherine Barratt, former professor at Landmark College, shares her many years of expertise in teaching adults with LD and ADD.  This course explains how the areas of skill attainment, emotional influences, management, and motivation mesh to determine student learning.  This online course will help instructors know more about how, why, and whether learning takes place with our LD students and provide some research-based techniques to help them achieve success.