Vocabulary Lessons

Teaching Vocabulary for Intermediate Adult Learners

This article (PDF) provides important information on how to select words for vocabulary instruction, plan for instruction, and teach using direct and explicit instruction.

Teaching Vocabulary Directions

Knowledge Rating Scale

  1. Before introducing new vocabulary words, ask students to rate their knowledge of the meanings of the words.
  2. After the words have been introduced, ask students to check their ratings.  Were they accurate?   Would they change any of their ratings?  Why?
  3. Once students have had multiple encounters with the words, ask them to rate the words again. Do these ratings differ from their initial ones?

Vocabulary Words with Definitions

Present the new words and introduce the meaning of each new word. You may want to have the students complete the knowledge ratings scale on the following page before presenting the new words. 

Creating Examples

After presenting the new words and meanings, lead a discussion with your adult learners. Be sure to give some examples of the context for the words and also ask students to give their own examples. You may want to give examples and get input from students as you introduce each new word and definition.

Title Lesson Plan Vocabulary Words
Lesson 26 acquire, confusion, develop, irritate, variety
Lesson 27 capability, eliminate, idle, justify, progress
Lesson 28 admit, consider, embarrassed, furthermore, miniature
Lesson 29 category, disaster, embrace, insult, solitary
Lesson 30 attractive, climate, flourish, reduce, singular
Lesson 31 anticipate, drawback, encounter, endure, harsh
Lesson 32 abandon, attitude, complicate, decrease, dominate
Lesson 33 accustomed, bewilder, confront, determine, effort
Lesson 34 accuse, betray, conflict, detect, effective
Lesson 35 individual, obtain, potential, sequence, trace
Lesson 36 abolish, authentic, conceal, defend, dramatic
Lesson 37 abrupt, automatic, conclusion, deliberate, duplicate
Lesson 38 conscious, discard, emerge, resent, vacant