WIOA Friendly Contextualized Curriculum

This page contains contextualized lesson plans submitted by Institute 2016:WIOA in the Classroom participants.  Each lesson plan contains the contributors' contact information.  There are also some activities listed that can be incorporated into lesson plans.  


Career Exploration 

All Occupations - Measurement

Career Awareness Toolkit

Choose Your Path with Technology

Job Application Personal Information

Lifelines/Things I Have Done

Team Building

Using Career Coach

Using the NC Career Cluster Guide

Veterans' Career Advising 


Career Pathways

Advanced Manufacturing - Developing Contextualized Curriculum

Advanced Manufacturing - Building Straw Tower

Advanced Manufacturing - Building to Scale

Advanced Manufacturing - Understanding Plans

Advanced Manufacturing - Understanding Volume

Advanced Manufacturing - Using Raw Materials

Construction - Drywall Installation

Construction - House Remodel

Culinary - Fractions with Recipies

Culinary - Working with Recipies

Culinary - Menus 101

Electrical - Ohmn's Law

Healthcare - Developing Contextualized Curriculum

Healthcare - Blood Compatibility

Healthcare - CNA Basic Skills Plus Curriculum, Latoya Brown GTCC

Healthcare - Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Communication Skills

Healthcare - CNA 6 Key Communication Skills

Healthcare - CNA Measure Patient's Height

Healthcare - Graduated Cylinder

Healthcare - Intro to Medical Receptionist

Healthcare - Lung Capacity

Horticulture - Perimeter, Area, Volume

Horticulture - Ratio and Percents

Horticulture - Photosynthesis

Machining - Reading a Ruler

Phlebotomy Technician Curriculum Guide



George Washington  George Washington PowerPoint

Soft Skills

Team Building