Gearing Up for Institute 2014!

ABSPD is currently gearing up for Institute 2014, Accelerating Learning in Writing!  Dates have been set for May 25 to 30 for Week 1 and June 1 to 6 for Week 2. 

Effective writing is the skill most associated with postsecondary success according to researcher David Conley.  In our new more competitive economy, writing skills have never been more important.  Writing is increasingly a gatekeeper skill for job entry and has always been an essential skill to win job promotions. 

Additionally, the new generation of high school equivalency exams expect students to critically analyze documents and then devise argument based writings.  These skills go far beyond what students currently need to achieve.  We will look at research proven and classroom tested ways to develop better writers in our classrooms with the skills to succeed in college and beyond.

Since college and career readiness students have long struggled with writing, we will also explore strategies for engaging the reluctant writer.  We will also work to incorporate technology into writing and develop contextualized lesson plans. 

Please save the date and make plans to join us for Institute 2014!