Professional Development

ABSPD provides professional development through face-to-face, hybrid (part face-to-face and part online), and fully online courses.  We also conduct yearly Institutes at Appalachian State on a variety of topics in late May/early June each year.  Numerous free resources we created are found in the Teaching Resources section of this website.  

Our continuing goal is to improve the effectiveness and quality of instruction in College and Career Readiness programs through focused professional development.  Our research-based resources are designed for ABE, Adult Secondary, and ESOL instructors and incorporate teaching techniques designed to effectively reach these diverse populations.


ABSPD Professional Development and Consulting Services for Adult Education Providers

ABSPD's professional development services are now available to adult education providers on a contract basis.  These services include scalable professional development delivered face-to-face, hybrid or fully online on a number of relevant topics.    

Click HERE for more information. 


Online Professional Development

In 2010-11, ABSPD created six online courses.  These courses are: Be Prepared! (transition to postsecondary), Contextualized Instruction, Media Literacy, NC Transitions (best practices in college transition), Teaching the Holocaust, and Teaching Students with Learning Differences.  These courses are free and open to everyone.  Click HERE to find them.     


Professional Development Manuals

ABSPD has produced a number of professional development manuals.  These manuals offer a research-based perspective on a variety of topics including numeracy, reading, writing, and professional development. These manuals are free and available to everyone.  Click HERE to find them.    


Professional Development Videos 

ABSPD has also produced several videos on topics relating to many aspects of adult basic skills instruction.  The videos present best-practice instructional teaching strategies in math, reading, writing and professional development.  Click HERE to find them.