Professional Development

ABSPD provides professional development through Institutes, face to face workshops, online professional development, DVDs, training manuals, and web based resources.  Our continuing goal is to improve the effectiveness and quality of instruction through focused professional development.  Our research-based resources are designed for ABE, Adult Secondary, and ESL instructors and incorporate teaching techniques designed to effectively reach these diverse populations.


Face to Face Professional Development

The North Carolina Community College System in partnership with ABSPD offers a number of face to face workshops for NC adult eduators.


Credential Checklist

To keep track of progress on earning a credential, click HERE for the credential checklist. 


Hybrid Core Course Crendential 

The North Carolina Community College System in partnership with ABSPD are now offering a new Hybrid Core Course Credential for NC adult eduators. 

Click HERE for Hybrid Course Evaluation. 


Online Professional Development

We currently offer six online courses that are available to all adult educators.  These courses are available on topics such as contextualized instruction, postsecondary transitions, and content standards.  Some of these courses require free registration. 


Professional Development Manuals

ABSPD offers multiple research-based professional development manuals on a variety of topics including numeracy, reading, writing, and training. These manuals are free.   


Many professional development opportunities in North Carolina are funded by the College and Career Readiness Department of the North Carolina Community College System Office, in cooperation with the Reich College of Education at Appalachian State University.