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NCCCS Adult Education Content Standards 

The North Carolina Community College System in partnership with ABSPD produced the NCCCS Adult Education Standards and Resources.  Per WIOA guidlelines, “The adult education component of [Integrated Education and Training] must be aligned to the State’s content standards.”  Click HERE to find the standards and accompanying toolkit of resources.  


CORE Workshops

ABSPD teaches seven face-to-face workshops for the NCCCS CORE credential.  These workshops are designed for instructors who teach students at the ABE level (under grade level equivalent 9.0).  These workshops include: Applying Content Standards, Assessment to Instruction, Evidence Based Reading, Evidence Based Writing, Evidence Based Math, Contextualized Instruction, and Teaching Strategies Integrating Technology.  Click HERE to find the page containing the handouts and other resource materials from these workshops.  

Adult Secondary (ASE) Workshops

ABSPD teaches workshops for the NCCCS Adult Secondary Education (ASE) credentials.  These workshops are designed for instructors who teach students in grade level equivalents 9.0 to 12.9.  These are four workshops in language arts, four workshops in math, four workshops in science and four workshops in social studies.  Click HERE to find the page containing the handouts and other resource materials from these workshops. 


Fluency Text Lending Library

ABSPD sponsors a lending library that allows North Carolina College and Career Readiness instructors to borrow high interest,  levelled books for a semester.  We will ship the books to you free of charge.  You are then responsible for the costs of returning them to ABSPD via media mail.  We have many titles that are described in a searchable database.  Click HERE to find the printable list of the lending library. 


Vocabulary Lessons

ABSPD created 38 vocabulary lessons for adult learners that each have five Tier 2 words.  These lessons are designed to be taught using direct instruction.  Click HERE to find the lessons. 



WIOA, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, is the Federal legislation that governs how our adult basic education programs should be run.  Click HERE to find a page of resources that help instructors teach in the WIOA era.


Argument Writing

How can we help our students prepare for the argument writing tasks they face on the GED, HiSET and TASC?  Click HERE to find resources to help our adult basic education students be successful.  


Persistence Research

What keeps our adult students in class?  Click HERE to find some evidence based research studies on what strategies are effective in retaining our adult learners.  


Social Studies Content for High School Equivalency Test Preparation (GED, HiSET, TASC)

Click HERE  to find resources for helping your students achieve success on their Social Studies GED, HiSET or TASC test.  


ESOL Resources

Click HERE to find some resources to help your ESOL students with communication skills. 


GED Math Menagerie

GED Science Spectacular!


GED Technology


GED Science Guide


An Extended Look at the GED 2014 Extended Response


Transition to Postsecondary Education


 TASC Resources



GED Writing Round-Up